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Listing Type : Gun Battery
Location : Europe

Early History

Zonkor Battery, also known as Zonquor battery, started life as San Nicola Battery.

British Battery

In 1881 the Defence Committee agreed that a new battery was required to the south of Fort Leonardo to cover the ground north of Marsascala Bay.

In 1881 is was proposed to mount three 64-pdr RML guns on C pivot emplacements in the battery.

In 1882 this was upgraded to three 7-ins 6.5 ton RML guns.

In 1885 name changed from San Nicolas to Zonquor Battery.

The battery is believed to have been in use from 1882 to 1886 but it is not certain that it was ever armed.

Modern Period

The land remained in military hands and a Position Finding Cell was built inside the Battery.  In WW2 this was part of a nodal defence point covering likely landing areas around Marsascala, and has two large pillboxes close by.

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