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The present site of the Saluting Battery in Malta was first used to mount artillery in 1565 when Ottoman guns were placed here to bombard Fort St Angelo.

With the lifting of the siege, the Knight of St John fortified the area and it was to be continuously upgraded over the next 400 years.

By 1848 the Battery had four 12-pdr cannon.

In 1852 the Battery was mounted with ten 24-pdr cannon, two 56-pdr carronades, three 8-inch howitzers and two 13-inch mortars.  It is apparent at this time that the battery was active.  See photo below.

In 1854 Lascaris Battery was built below the saluting battery, with many guns mounted in this structure.  This whole area, under the Saluting Battery was tunneled out both during World War 2 and the Cold War.

By 1890 the Saluting Battery mounted eleven  32-64-pdr muzzle loader guns now operating in a ceremonial role. See image.

By 1906 the Saluting Battery had the eight 32-pdr Smooth Bore Breech Loading Guns, six of which can be seen today.  See image.

The Battery later mounted four 25-pdr gun but these were removed in 1954 and the Battery became part of Fort Lascaris under Royal Navy Command.

Old images are taken from notice boards prepared by Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, the Malta Heritage Trust.  (

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