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Newhaven Fort was built on the cliff overlooking the harbour.  There was originally a battery on the shore below, which was called the Lunette Battery.

Work commenced on the Fort in 1865 and was completed about six years later.  The Fort was armed with:

3 x 10-inch Rifled Muzzle Loading Guns (sea face)

6 x 9-inch Rifled Muzzle Loading Guns (sea face)

2 x 9-ins Rifled Muzzle Loading Guns on Moncrieff Mounts (east face)

1 x 64pdr Rifle Muzzle Loading Guns on land front.

The Lunette Battery had 4 x 64 pounder Rifle Muzzle Loaders, with two of these emplacements still largely intact.

In 1906 the guns in the Fort were upgraded to 2 x 6-ins VII and 2 x 12 pounder 12cwt.

During World War 2 and Emergency Battery of 3 x 6-ins guns was built on the adjoining hilltop.

For Log in respect of Newhaven Fort prepared by Victorian Forts ( can be found at:

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