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Listing Type : B.C.P. or CP
Location : Europe

This coastal battery is located on the Rubha Nan Sasan Peninsular on the south entrance to Loch Ewe.  It includes a number of existing features including a Battery Command Post, two 6-ins Gun Emplacements, two Magazines, three engine rooms, two magazines and at least three anti-aircraft positions.  There are at least ten hut bases still visible, but there was apparently 30 huts during the War.

The Battery Command Post is built on stilts, apparently because of the damp.  There is a pedestal mount in the observation platform and a single radio room behind.  There are two loopholes, one on each side of the building, apparently for close defence.

The battery was armed with 6-inch MkVII guns on Naval
Mountings in July 1941,  The guns were taken from HMS Iron Duke which was lost in the Orkney s.

(TNA WO 166/7309)

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