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Loch Ewe is situated on the North West coast of Scotland within the Highlands, and provided a deep water port that could shelter both capital warships and merchantmen.

During World War 1 Loch Ewe was use fleetingly by the Royal Navy but became a A Grade Port in 1939. Over the next two years the defences of Loch Ewe were steadily improved with the installation of a 6-ins coastal defence battery, both light anti-aircraft positions and five 3.7-ins Batteries. There was a boom defence and mines supported by an indicator loop.  Two of the attached images show the various types of anti-aircraft guns employed and UP Rockets or Z Batteries.

The harbour area was used to assemble convoys for the journey to Archangel in Russia.  Between 6th February 1942 and 30th December 1944 a total of 20 convoys left Loch Ewe, some with up to 40 freight ships.


The defence against submarines primarily depended on an indicator loop or guard loop that ran across the outer approaches to Loch Ewe.

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