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Listing Type : Gun Battery
Location : North America

British military maps from the end of the 19th Century refer to this as the Two Gun Battery.

The present configuration is similar to those used for other British Mark 7, 6-inch guns around 1900.  There are two gun pits and the underground works in between remain intact and in good order.  There is also a small museum, that can be opened on request.

While the whole battery looks to be designed for the 6-inch Quick Fire, there is evidence that there were previously two 10-inch Rifle Muzzle Loader guns mounted here, but this has not been confirmed.  There is one 10-inch barrel on the glasics and there is also a mount for one of these guns nearby.  This would indicate that the battery held two 10-inch guns from about 1870 until upgraded to the 6-inch guns.

The fire control pedestal remain intact, and overall this is probably one of the best preserved batteries on the Island.

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