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Kumasi Fort was built in 1820 by Osei Tutu Kwamina, the Ashanti King.  It was modled on other forts built along the coast, but is a curious mixture of bastions and loop holed walls indicating it hybrid design.  The Fort was destroyed in 1874 by the British, who fought six wars with the Ashanti.  The fort was then rebuilt using granite from the Cape Coast.

In 1900 during the Second Ashanti War a the fort was besieged by the Ashanti, with 29 British nationals including the Governor and supporting troops held inside.  Thew British used four maxim machine guns and six small field guns to keep at bay the 12,000 Ashanti Warriors. The fort fell under British control and became a base for the Gold Coast Regiment and the original colours can still be seen in the fort.

The fort is now the home of the Ghana Military Museum which has some very interesting exhibits.


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