Posted on 20th December 2016 / 698
Listing Type : Gun Battery
Location : Europe

Built by the German Armed Forces in World War Two, this battery was armed with four 17 cm SKL4 guns with a range of just under 20 km.

According to this battery has the following concrete emplacements:

4x M270 Embrasured emplacement.
1x M178 Fire control post for medium and heavy batteries.
2x 134 Ammunition bunker I.
2x Gun emplacement for a 17cm SKL/40.
1x Flak 38 2cm emplacement, with personnel room.
2x Küver 451a group bunker for 18 men.
1x Küver 451b group bunker for 18 men.
1x Fla24a Emplacement for a anti-aircraft gun with crew shelter.
3x Vf building.
1x Fa shelter.
3x Trenches.

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