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Listing Type : Gun Battery
Location : Europe

First considered in 1885 the battery was built between April 1889 and December 1894 for a total cost of £7,806.  It was armed with one 9.2-inch gun in the centre and a single 6-inch gun on either side.  All the guns were on disappearing mounts.

The battery faced north, with the left flank (west) abutting Cambridge Battery, and the right of the battery resting on the outer walls of Fort Tigne.

In 1902 the magazines at the battery were upgraded.

The three guns remained in place until 1907.

The battery remained MOD land prior to WW2 it used as a 3-inch 20cwt anti-aircraft battery.  These guns were removed in 1943.  The battery was then decommissioned and buried.

It remained forgot until 2005 when a developer agreed to partial restore it as a heritage site. Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (FWA) and Mario Farrugia its’ Chairman are given much credit for this preservation.  (see


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