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Fort Good Hope,  ‘De Goede Hoop’. is located on a promontory close to the town of Senya Beraku in the Central Region. The Fort was was built by the Dutch in 1715 as a base for trading operations inland.  It was initially triangular in shape with three bastions joined by a curtain wall.  In 1715 the fort was expanded to handle more prisoners and it was describe in 1804 as being one of the more spacious on the Gold Coast.


Fort Good Hope was initially a small triangular fort, shielded by three bastions and a curtain wall. An apartment building is shielded by the south curtain wall. Inter-ethnic wars between the Asante, Akyem and Akwamu ethnic groups, among others, led to such huge increases in prisoners-of-war slaves, that in 1715 the fort was expanded to include large male and female slave prisons. In an official report of 1804, Fort Good Hope was aptly described as “one of the finest and most spacious forts on the coast” .

The British acquired the fort from the Dutch in 1868.


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