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Fort Fareham was built to provide land defence against any attack on Gosport.  Part of the Gosport Advance Lines work started in 1861 and the fort was completed by 1868.

The fort was initially intended to mount 64 x 7-inch Rifled Breech Loaders, 5 x 64-pdr RMLs and 5 x 40-pdr RBL.  A further 15 x 32-pdr SBBL were intended to be mounted to protect the moat.

In about 1892 there were only 10 7-inch RBL mounted with three disappearing guns (Montcrieff Mounts).

IN 1898 there were 15×7-inch RBL, 6 x 40-pdr RBL and 4×4-inch BL.

During World War 1, the fort was used by the 35th Battery of the 1st Heavy Brigade of the Royal Garrison Artillery.

During World War 2 the forst was used as the Brigade HQ of the 124the Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment of the RA.

From 1947 to 1957 part of the Fort was used an an Anti Aircraft Operations Room.

During the Cold War the Borough Emergency Centre for Fareham Urban District Council used part of the Fort for an Emergency Command and Control Bunker.  “The Emergency Centre, which was opened in the 1980’s, is located in old magazines and in the forts south west caponier (a covered passage projecting into or across a dry ditch or moat to provide flanking fire). Once inside the fort, the entrance to the tunnels is in the rampart in the south west corner of the parade ground behind an old caravan that is parked under a small arched bridge. Behind two wooden doors are two heavy steel and concrete blast doors.” See Sub Brit web site at for details.

Many parts of the fort have been destroyed as the site is now an industrial park.  The ramparts are heavily overgrown and time and vandals have caused considerable damage to the brick work.

Top Plan by David Alan Moore – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,  For the Fort Log from Victorian Forts, see:

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