Step One

Under the tab Post an Item you will first of all be asked to register if not already registered. This can be expedited by using your Facebook or Gmail account to log in.

Step Two

Please select the TYPE of item that you are posting. This list is no exhaustive, so please choose the most appropriate.

Step Three

Provide you name for the item. This may be straightforward, but in some cases you will neat to create your own name e.g. Pillbox, crest of Reigate Hill.

Step Four

Please enter a description of the item, if possible the date built, brief history and any relevant information. You can also enter the contributors details and any hyperlink to a dedicated web site.

Step Five

Under the box marked address, enter the appropriate country or state. Then on Google Maps, place the red marker/icon on the location of the feature.

Step Six

Please upload your images of the point of interest, You may upload up to ten images, the maximum size of each image being 10MBs.

Almost there!

Please confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions and that you are ready to submit your contribution.

Once you have submitted the plot then it will be placed in a pending folder while it is double checked prior to posting on Fortfinder. You will be credited for you contribution if you want, many thanks.